2017 was unique in the history of Evangelical Church in Ukraine. Almost all the evangelical denominations united to celebrate the 500th anniversary of Reformation. Starting from spring 2016 till the end of 2017 thousands of different educational, outreach, media and other projects were organized.


Eastern European Reformation Ministry, having 16 years of experience in carrying out projects connected to the Reformation in Eastern Europe, played a key role in celebrating the anniversary.


An important aspect of the celebration of the 500th anniversary of the Reformation was the presentation of the essence of the Reformation itself to both Christian and secular audience.

Christian audience

Lectures and seminars at 37 motivational conferences

More than 100 sermons about Reformation were shared by the preachers of Eastern European Reformation Ministry in the churches of Ukraine during a year and a half. Mainly they preached on the topic: “5 ideas that once have changed the world; can they change Ukraine today?” and also several others messages.

Seminars at 9 youth camps. Among them, 3 camps were organized by our team and were devoted to the Reformation.

During a year and a half more than 40,000 people took part in these conferences and listened to these preaching.

Secular Audience

Our team members spoke at 11 academic conferences and gave lectures at universities, presenting the topic of the Reformation

The speakers participated in 13 conferences about Reformation for government officials, educators and active social communities.

Apologetic initiative (worldview discussion club) was held on the premises of Universities.

In 2016 and 2017 there were tours for Western professors and philosophers organized at Ukrainian Universities – for Daryl McCarthy, Teri McCarthy, Stefan Gustavsson, Bruce Anderson, Jim Davids and Bruce Little.

"Luther" movie. Eastern European Reformation Ministry bought the rights for showing the movie for 6 months in the cinemas of Ukraine. A special instruction was made to conduct movie-related events. Many churches throughout Ukraine have shown “Luther” for the public with the educational and evangelistic purposes.


Media projects played a key role in celebration of the anniversary of the Reformation in Ukraine. The resources of the Eastern European Reformation Ministry provided various materials on the subject of the Reformation on a daily basis.


Our website was created specifically for
the beginning of the Year of Reformation

Facebook page “Christians for Ukraine”

Facebook group “Christians for Ukraine”


The official website of the Year of
Reformation and R500 Facebook page

The resource website of Eastern European Leadership Forum. From the beginning there were many articles on the topic of Reformation


Calendar of Reformation – we prepare daily short articles on a topic of what took place on this day in history of Protestant churches. As of February 2018, we’ve got about 400 of such articles


six 5-min videos with the message about Christian worldview in different aspects of public life. These short videos gathered up to 300,000 views on Facebook

Talk Shows

20 talk shows on the topic of the Reformation with famous Ukrainian and Belarusian speakers


Articles about the Reformation; we have been publishing them on different Ukrainian sites and magazines since 2011


25 infographics on the history of Reformation and the influence of biblical worldview on civilization were made using professional design

Pictures with quotes

(for the internet as well as for PSAs on billboards and city lights).


with famous Christian leaders are being published on the website “Christians for Ukraine” and others

TV shows & Radio Programs

Participation in TV shows and Radio Programs on the topic of the Reformation. Our experts participated in 22 different programs about the Reformation on TV and radio.

Viral Video

Christian Vision Ministry created 24 one-minute videos about the Reformation based on our texts. Videos are broadcast on Christian and secular TV channels. Also they are presented in churches during the services and at the conferences.


The events aimed at the development of Christian leadership in various spheres of social life and ministry played a particularly important part in promoting the Reformation of an individual, church and society.

2016 and 2017 were devoted to the Jubilee of the Reformation and the implementation of R500 projects. In 2016 600 evangelical leaders from Ukraine and other countries in this region took part in the Forum. About the same amount of participants joined the Forum in 2017.



School of Reformation

2 study programs were held in March and April 2017. 370 participants took part in the school of Reformation. There were 12 Networks. Practical implementation of R500 projects in 2017 and further on was the goal of the programs.


Eastern European Reformation team members actively participated in the creation and distribution of materials that promoted the message of the Year of the Reformation.

Reformation 500 magazine.

We have spread about 10,000 copies out of 109,000 printed. The magazines were spread primarily among Christian ministers, educators and officials.
The article "5 ideas that once changed the world", was printed also in other magazines, for example in the "Word of Christian" magazine (20,000 copies), “Skinia” and others.

R500 Catalog of ideas

Our ministry suggested 29 projects for this Catalog devoted to the Reformation 500 program. We participated in publishing and spreading it.
Before the catalog was issued, in the spring 2016 we prepared the document entitled "500 Years of the Reformation. Ideas for Comemmoration", which offered 70 different projects that could be a model for the celebration of the Reformation anniversary. This document helped to form the program of the Year of the Reformation.


The main texts for various brochures that were distributed during the jubilee year were written by the team members of the Eastern European Reformation Ministry.

Our Publishing Initiatives

In 2016 and 2017 several publishing projects were implemented to popularize the history, worldview and values of the Reformation through printing products.


"Visualized History of the Reformation. Infographics". The publication of the history of the Reformation and the influence of the biblical worldview on the development of nations.

about the history of the Reformation in the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. The texts of this book have been used in many R500 projects, including the video, which presented the Year of the Reformation.

Comics book

"Luther. A monk that changed the world". Translated from English.

Coloring book “Martin Luther”

Forthcoming Coloring book “Martin Luther”. Translated from German.


(T-shirts and cups). On the occasion of the 500th anniversary of the Reformation, we made a series of T-shirts for both men and women with slogans and graphics of the Reformation.

Informational stands (10 stands) about the essence and history of the Reformation.

They stood in the historical centers of tourist cities, as well as in state buildings, universities, museums, churches. For example, stands in Lviv, Kyiv (during the Thanksgiving), Lutsk, Dnipro.

Thanks to the Program of the Reformation commemoration, the Church in Ukraine has gained the unique experience for its mission in fulfilling the Great Commission of Christ. Ukrainian Evangelical Christians do not treat the Year of Reformation as the event only, but they declare their readiness to continue the systematic work of spreading the biblical Truth in all spheres of society's life.

The Eastern European Reformation Ministry, which aim is to fulfill the Great Commission of Christ among the Eastern European nations, continues its work on educational and media projects. However, a special focus will be placed on the formation of evangelical leaders capable of bringing the Christian worldview into a public sphere.